Health Gadget Promises Chemical Free Diet

In a international that is experiencing a upward push in illnesses which include autism, bronchial asthma, most cancers and delivery defects, it is time to evaluate the toxic chemical compounds which might be in our houses and our diets. The National Environment Trust mentioned that the quantity of poisonous chemicals within the domestic is increasing at a rapid price, exposed to individuals via their mouth, skin and lungs. Even organically grown meals have a totally small percent of chemical infection allowed inside their recommendations.

New Health Gadget Designed to Prevent Deadly Diseases

A newly designed health machine, the Lotus Sanitizing System is designed with two important goals. The first is to take away and kill any and all insecticides and germs on the meals this is eaten by your circle of relatives. The second is to disinfect surfaces that your family touches on a day by day basis. These two desires are finished with the usage of easy tap water and the chemical loose merchandise that make up the Lotus Sanitizing System.

This innovative new device affords a herbal and chemical unfastened way to free your circle of relatives from dangerous chemical substances in their daily food regimen and your home. It takes ozone molecules and infuses them into normal faucet water. Ozone is an risky molecule made of three oxygen atoms (03). This creates a natural sterilizing agent that destroys bacteria and other microorganisms. The ozonated Lotus water is safe to use on food, skin and even your infant’s toys.

Buy The Lotus Sanitizing System Today For a Chemical Free Tomorrow

If you’re a person that enjoys finding the newest fitness device in the marketplace, you may simply enjoy the brand new Lotus Sanitizing System. Your purchase rate of just beneath $two hundred will consist of the primary unit and two in particular designed boxes for cleaning meals gadgets. A 16 oztrigger spray bottle and a clear plastic bowl with a mixed lid/strainer. It comes with a one-12 months guarantee and the peace of thoughts of knowing that you are doing all you could to provide a chemical unfastened world in your family.

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